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Game: Speed Ball Sorter
Type: PC
Genre: Puzzle


In this game, the player has 50 seconds to move the colored balls into the same colored goals.  The balls spawn in random spots at every playthrough.  The player's score goes up when a successful ball is put in its goal.  The player's score gets subtracted when a ball goes off the edge.  I also created all art assets.

This game was created in a class designed for VR creation.  The player goes through waves and fights off zombie hordes.  The goal is to defeat all waves and get to the end with a high score that you can show on a Leader board.  This video is from the "Warehouse" level that my team and I created.  There is also a Tutorial (Shooting Range) and a Cemetery level that isn't shown in the video.  I was the product owner on this project.

Game: Mythios
Type: PC
Genre: Action



This is my first "finished" game I created through Unity3D.  I made all the sprites on my own.  You play as the blue tank and can move and shoot in different directions at the same time.  The goal is to kill the enemy (red) tank and not get killed.

Game: Quickshot: Collect the Treasure

Type: PC
Genre: FPS


The game was made for a class's final project.  It is a solo project.  It's a fast-paced action FPS that navigates through several scenes and the player wins when finding the treasure at the end.

Game: Cryopathy
Type: Board game
Genre: Strategy



This was a board game created with another student.  You can play it up to four people.  The objective was to move your pieces by rolling dice and hold "capture spots" to gain points.  You can kill other player's pieces by rolling the dice when near their marker.  As the game goes on, the "plague" will create the current boarder to go inwards, killing all players' pieces if caught in it.  After all waves are over, the person with the highest score wins... or the surviving player wins.

Game: Memory Game
Type: PC

Genre: Puzzle

This game was an assignment for a class I took.  It's a simple "memory game" where the player has to match two identical cards.  When all cards are matched, the player wins.  We also customized the project with our own assets.

Game: Gone in the Dark
Type: PC

Genre: Action/Puzzle


In this class project, we created an action/puzzle game where you have to avoid enemies and complete the puzzle for each level.  I worked on a save system, player controller, a lantern mechanic, and the sprite animations for the player.

Game: Pirate Booty
Type: Boardgame

Genre: Strategy

Game: Zombie: Last Stand VR
Type: Oculus Rift

Genre: Survival/Horror

In this game you take on waves in a Parthenon through ancient times.  You have to kill the Minotaurs that will try to kill you.  I personally worked on a few things.  I worked on the "pick-ups".  Not just creating the 3D models, but programming them as well.  The pick-ups were to regain health, have an attack boost, and have a defense boost.

Game: TankGame
Type: PC
Genre: Action



This was an assignment for an Agile Management class.  We were to follow Agile practices to create a tabletop game.  The game was created in "Tabletop Simulator."  The game is "pirate-themed" and is 2-4 players.  The objective was to gain enough "booty" and obtain a "skull card" to win.

Game: Mine Ore
Type: PC

Genre: Simulation


This was a final project for my "Intermediate Game Dev Programming."  I made a simulation where you click ore that is randomized on the Start around the screen.  You would collect copper, silver, and gold, then be able to sell them.  Also, a save feature.  We had to create a game where we show certain code requirements from what we all have learned from the class.

The requirements were:

  • Overload a method at least once

  • Override a method at least once

  • Use multiple parameters in a method

  • Return a value from a method (rather than have it be void) at least once

  • Object (code) inheritance - minimum one base class, and 2 inherited classes.

  • List - use a list to store information or objects at least once

  • XML - save and read data to/from an external XML file

Game: Block Breaker
Type: Android

Genre: Action

I created my own version of "Block Breaker" for Android.  I created all the art assets.  The objective of the game is to move the paddle on the bottom of the screen to control a ball that breaks bricks for points.  If the ball passes beneath the paddle, Game Over.

Game: Poison & Frost Tool
Type: Unity Tools



I created two API Tools that are used in Unity.  The first tool was a "poison tool".  By setting the poison damage and poison speed, the health bar would react to a (loss of health per tick).  The "frost tool" would freeze the object and then the object would move at a slower speed for a duration of time.

Game: AI Project
Type: PC

Genre: Interactive

A partner and I created this project to display Artificial Intelligence.  I wrote the code for the "Red Capsule" and it was programmed to chase down my partner's "Purple Cube".  The "Purple Cube" was programmed to stay away from the Capsule and also get to the end goal (Green Goal at the top left of the maze).

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